Great Divide Mountain Bike Ride

This was a 4-month ride, from June to October of 2019, following the famous GDMBR route (as mapped out by the American Adventure Cycling Association) from Banff in Canada to the Mexican border. Once I finished the route I took a Greyhound bus to Phoenix. From there, I continued riding through Arizona and and southern Utah, finishing in Moab.

See the map of the route on the Maps page.

I didn’t blog on this trip as I wasn’t carrying a laptop, but here is a link to some photos (all taken with an iPhone).

GDMBR Photos…

The bike and bike setup were a bit different to my previous trips. As this trip was primarily off-road I was riding a more off-road oriented bike: A Surly ECR with 3″ wide tires. My luggage setup was a no longer the traditional 4-pannier cycle-touring setup, but a bikepacking hybrid of soft framebags and two small panniers on a rear rack.

More info about the bike and gear on the Updated Gear Page.

One thought on “Great Divide Mountain Bike Ride

  1. It was such a pleasure meeting and dining with you Dosh in Anaconda, Montana at Spring Hill Campground. We love your adventerous spirit. Happy trails dear friend.
    The Mulligan’s and Petzold’s

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